Monday, March 22, 2010

Traffic Court

For those who are familiar with the town of Calvin Oklahoma, you will know it has deemed itself a speed trap. Last November I was driving through this trap and sure enough I was given a ticket. Trying to find the good of the situation I only found that I was given a deferment which allowed me to not have the ticket on my record if I didn't get another ticket in the next 3 months. I paid off my ticket and had to show up at traffic court to show I paid it off and that my driving record was squeaky clean.
I entered the address into my tomtom and headed towards the town that made me cringe. I pulled up to what I could have sworn was the wrong address because I was sitting in front of the police station. I though that maybe the court was held at the back of the station and so I walked in. Assuring myself, I asked the others waiting if this was traffic court. They assured me it was and so I sat down. Looking around I couldn't help but be amused at what I had expected and what was before me.
The only place I had seen the inside of a court room was on TV. I pictured a tall wooden structure that a judge with a black robe would sit behind with his gavel clinched in his hand. I would think a police officer would be standing directly next to it and would only move to transport paper work from the defendant to the judge. What I saw was a bit different.
I sat down in surprisingly nice chairs and we all waited for our unknown "Judge" to walk in. Where we waited would be considered the waiting room of the Calvin police department. There was a fake ficus tree over in the corner. Across the room in the other corner was a soda machine that would dispense a soda for 50¢. In the middle of the room was a big table where more chairs sat around. One of the lights was flickering giving the room an eerie feeling all together. A woman came into the station and walked behind the counter and grabbed a rather large book, placed it on the counter and looked through it. I was surprised to see that she would work here considering her appearance. She was wearing blues jeans and sneakers with a blue t shirt that had unicorns on it. The door opened again as we thought this would be the judge, but to our dissatisfaction the police chief who had written us all our tickets came walking in looking like he rather be anywhere but here. We all could agree. After being in the station for 5 minutes the police chief received a call that there has been a wreck. He had to leave which for me made the wait a little less stressful. Finally our judge pulled up in his vehicle which was a pickup truck that had to be 10 years old if not older. He walked in wearing a fleece jacket and blue jeans with sneakers. I was starting to see this was not a formal affair as the only person who was dressed differently was the police chief, but again he had other duties to answer to. he judge was very friendly as he apologized for being a little late and he explained how traffic court will happen and got right down to business.
He would call everyone up case by case and asked what their plea would be. He offered deferments to many people and was surprisingly quick with each case. He didn't try to intimidate or bully anyone, he just got on with it. The woman who had her note book was like the secretary which would write down any information that the judge was giving to the "offenders". My turn was last and I was there to simply show I had paid off my ticket, and I had not received any tickets in my "probation" time.
To say "It was what I expected" would be an overstatement. It was not what I expected at all though I hope I never have to repeat it. The judge whom I thought would be the most intimating, was the nicest person there. The police officer who will still give me goosebumps if I drive through that town was as he seemed the first time I saw him: grumpy,mean, and sarcastic. I do not want another ticket but if I were to get one I would pray I would treated with the same amount of respect and generosity that the judge from Holdenville showed me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My meal

My favorite meal I have had many times. I know this meal inside and out because I often prepare it myself.

Here we go...

Starting out with a succulent medium well cooked steak. I also have on my plate a heaping pile of mashed potatoes that mare made form cut up potatoes. Beside the potatoes are sautéed snapped green beans. These are hand snapped beans that are sautéed in olive oil.

When enjoying this dinner I find that there are different textures with every part of it. The steak that is broiled in it's own juices and season with garlic salt, has a wonderful taste that is a bit salty but it has a soft texture which will make your mouth water. The potatoes have a fluffy texture to them that only makes the buttery, garlic taste standout from it's natural bland flavor. The green beans are mysterious. You have a vegetable that is seen as being either crunchy or soft: not these beans. These sautéed beans are a wonderful hybrid of the two views of green beans. They are cooked in a hot olive oil to where the edges are seared yet not burned. As you bite into this vegetable the crunchy, succulent taste overwhelms me and I can't figure out why I never enjoyed my vegetables as a kid.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic news

I am sad to hear about the death of the luger from Georgia. He was doing a practice run down the track and lost control of his sled. His body was thrown into a steel pole at a speed close to 90 miles per hour. The opening for the Olympics in general had many hiccups. From the weather not being ideal, to protesters throwing off the direction of the torch relay. This was not what Canada envisioned for the winter Olympics.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being Freshly married not a fresh student

I have been married for two months this friday. Being a student and married is a fun balance. I did not live with my fiance before we were married so I was starting the semester trying to do my part at our house and do the whole school work thing.

When I lived on my own it was not a big deal if I left a dish out and went to bed. Who cares I didn't even have an animal living with me to see that. However now that I have another person sharing a house, I worry about keeping things tidy! He won't tell me "hey there's a dish still out" I don't even know if he cares that much, but since it's our house now I do worry about how it looks. It's weird but somehow this thought and feeling came about. As far as throwing school work in there I am thankful that I only go to school three days a week! Having tuesday and thursday off is a great for catch up and relaxation. I am taking 15 hours so it helps to get those days to do what I need to do whether it's housework or homework!

If you are married or thinking about getting married while in school, it's not impossible it just takes readjusting!


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